Ob:family in text object

BTW, whoever rewrote the tooltips did a wonderful job at being concise, informative and more than anything else leaving the jargon out of them.

Thank you for your brilliant work.

Now, if I understand it well, one could draw a ‘font’ in Blender and through some trick have Blender use it. Only I have no clue of the process : is there a naming convention that would allow recognition of the Object as part of the font (family ?) and as being the equivalent of such and such character ?

Thanks for your time.


Got it working.
I guess that it was too simple so nobody answered.

Anyway, I can now type with any objects.


Care to explain? I looked at it an just thought “this is an intrr enigma”!


No it isn’t, it’s very simple but instead of explaining I’ll show. In 3-4 hours, after work.


There in the shape of a flash tutorial.

700 kb


Excellent! Thank you for that Jean. I would never have worked it out since my mind was stuck in Font mode. Another loud click on this end.