Obese Fish

This is my second or even third W.i.p. today, but hell… who cares.

I was thinkin’ about calling him Hank, Hank is an obese redneck fish… maybe he will get a rig some day.

Here’s Hank:


I was thinking… any idea’s on what coler he should be… I really thought about it but… I don’t know… I’m running on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS since about week and don’t know how to work with GIMP yet… so mapping a texture myself … I think not, so procedurals will have to do… for now. but… please… any ideas on colour… or other C+C?

Hank now has some kind of texture… I decided he’s a whitetip shark… textured the mouth-… though IMO it could be a little more shiny…he still needs …gil/guils… eh… those things a fish breaths with(no idea how it’s written in english:p)… think he should have teeth… or not?


nothin’ to crit? no tips? bummer

Working on Hanks friend Bob… bob isn’t quite finished, he’s too shiny and his texture isn’t right… but still, there’s some progress.

And hey… crits? tips?


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Framedworld, though I like your work, I think it’s a bit rude from you to hijack Bleedforme’s wip thread to showcase your work.
Well, take no offense, I was just saying.

Bleedforme : model looks cool so far. Some other shots from other points of view may allow a better overview. With a rich texture, I think that will be nice!

be well

EDIT: and don’t be desperate for C&C. I think people will come to it when there is matter to C&C. :slight_smile:

I’ll post some pics from another angle… though Pixar shattered my confidence(watched finding nemo again and… this time looking at other things than just the movie… and since I’m a perfectionist, I tend to get pissed off at myself for not reaching that level within a couple of months, I know it makes no sense, but still… it’s never good enough…). And I know it’s way over-ambitious, but I want to at least make a short… within a year… and if there’s someone who wants to join me(preferably ‘n00b’-level, just like me), be free to say so:P anyway, pics will be on in a couple of minutes.

here… sideview… one normal, one wire


I think it should have a rounder belly.
To have it look fatter, in addition to the rounder belly, you could shorten its fins, to achieve a short-limbed effect, you know…

Just some ideas…

Be well

What kind of fish are you trying to characterize?
The reason Pixar (and other CG firms) is able to make such convincing characters is that they put a whole lot of time into researching each fish, doing concept art for them, making clay models, then getting to the 3d model.
Since most of us are on our own we have to do the whole process ourselves (well, I don’t make a clay model, personally, but you get the idea).
So, how much research and concept drawing have you done?
An animated short is cool. Have you story-boarded it out?
Neccessary, perhaps not. However, I think there is a reason that professional (and very talented) film teams go through these lengthy processes: It makes quality work.
So, I hope you have the patience to be a perfectionist. :slight_smile:

Teeth would be cool, and I would be willing to work with you on a short, I was already thinking of doing so, plus I am not that good at blender… way too many distractions in school, the only place where I can use it.

Drop me a PM if you are interested

Reywillow: Thanks, I’ll try to make it shorter and rounder, hope it’s better. Soter: Alas, I don’t have a choice, I’m a born perfectionist, which comes with the annoying ahbit of… never being satisfied with what I make.

Could we see a render/wire of just bob?

I’m a born perfectionist

I know what that’s like :rolleyes:

Keep up the good work .


I’ll see what i can do, oh… besides… Bob is, against all odds, Hanks rastafari stoner friend, which ofcourse is unusual since… well… a redneck and a rastafarian… never seen it mix:P

I think the Chin is Too Pronounced, but then again, I don’t know the character that well.

Reywillow: I, by no means, was trying to Hijack his wip, and, bleedforme, if you feel that way please accept my humblest apologies! Your Wip is very similar to mine, and thought you might find it interesting to see how I am tackling my fish. I honestly was only trying to help, and I will again apologize to all those who agree with Reywillow. I was not my intention.

I am very interested to see how your fish turns out, and if you need anything at all, just send me a message or email and I’ll do my best to help you out.

It takes a lot more to insult me… or anything. Never mind that.

I’m kinda wondering how to blend to textures… I know about the Blend texture… but… since I have these white tips… and bob has blue fins… and I made his body yellow, it looks really lame if the materials just abrubtly change

@Framedworld: :slight_smile: