Obj or 3DS, which format is better to import to Blender?

I’ve seen a lot of models in other formats, commonly Lightwave OBJ and 3D Studio 3DS, when given the same model in multiple formats, which is the best to import into Blender?

Meaning which format contains more of the original information that Blender is able to retain?

Also, how much information is lost when exporting from Blender to OBJ or 3DS?

*.obj files are Wavefront files, not Lightwave files: Lightwave uses the *.lwo extension for objects.

If you have access to the lwo files, you could use the new Lightwave importer to retain a lot of the original’s information.


As far as your question is concerned: obj is better than 3ds. 3ds has a couple of severe limitations:

3ds only supports triangles, while obj supports quads. That’s enough of a reason for me to avoid 3ds.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up, yes I mistyped, I ment Wavefront.

What about material and texture, OBJ or 3DS, which retains more information on those?