object and center of view

i’v tried with CKEY and Star and it’s not working :confused:

how can we select one object and then center in the view where we are going to zoom in or out :confused:

What i’m missing here :eek:

Tanks & Salutation



(That’s the dot/full stop/decimal point/period on the numpad)

This is not shown in the views align menu!:eek:

but the * seems to say center view to selected but it is not working as explained in the menu:confused:



It’s in the View menu (View>View Selected).

Numpad-* aligns your camera to the selected object - it makes it point in the same direction as your object but doesn’t alter its position. This does not mean it will point your camera at the object.


Darn you’v got to see that dot on the right

Ya got it i’ll mount on my right eye a telescope to see fly dot on the sceen