Object -> Apply -> All Transforms vs. All Transforms to Deltas?

What is the difference between Object → Apply → All Transforms and Object → Apply → All Transforms to Deltas?

Up until now I’ve been using the non-Deltas options, but I watched a tutorial that used the Deltas options. Blender’s manual isn’t clear on the difference, and I didn’t see any obvious difference when experimenting with Blender.

Under what circumstances would I want to use the Deltas options vs. the non-Deltas options?

Look it at this way. a Delta or when you apply a delta it means you are setting its transform values to 0 on all aspects.

what is commonly taught is that “Delta = Difference”

When you make a new object, it gives it all 0’s in transforms in the X,Y, and Z value.

What apply all transforms to deltas does, is if you have moved an item from the world origin, it will have a set of 3 different transform values. when you apply all transforms to delta it sets those xyz values back to zero regardless of where the world origin is