Object as camera

This report got me thinking, I don’t recall ever using anything but a Camera as, well, a camera. What possible uses cases are there for setting anything else as a scene camera?

I would say it’s simply a way of having a nice object as the camera. If you use different types of cameras in a scene and switch between them (Let’s say you want to simulate a GoPro some where, a Reflex Camera somewhere else, both can see the other at render time, etc…) you can just set them as camera and then manipulating them as a camera as well as objects.

Yeah, but, they aren’t Cameras. As in, not Camera data blocks, therefore not having Camera properties. So I’m a bit at a loss as to why. Surely there must’ve been some reason to allow other object types.

It is actually good way to judge what objects your camera like object sees, as in your object’s perception of objects around. It is a way of knowing the objects surroundings. However it has to be in a certain orientation to make a sensible image.

But how? The only projection settings you have then are those of the 3D viewport itself, which are independent of the object. I.e. even if you were to model a “physical” camera, or a character’s eye, you still don’t make it into an actual Camera.

I do not think it is meant to be a renderable camera. The way I am seeng is it as a quick debug cam really. Sure you can set a camera and parent to the object and all that but you have to set all that up.
It does not seem to respond to object’s scale for instance, only the rotation and the position like the actual camera object.

What would have been nice if any arbitrary shape can be a camera and shoots rays from those faces and make a baked rendering of that.