Object as camera

Hey guys!

I ve somehow set an object to act as a camera. Even when i ve added a real camera and changed the active camera to my real cam… It still renders from the door position.

How to change that?

Sorry, can’t help you… but i still am wondering what making an object as a camera is ment for… A camera can always be added and childed to anything… Is there some practical .mov example around?

3d View: Select the camera. In header: View->Cameras->Set active object as camera

To add to what PappaSmurf said, the hot key for this is Ctrl and Numpad 0. This is likely how you got the object set as camera in the first place. It happens to me all the time. You get your 3D view set the way you want and then try to push Ctrl-Alt-0 to set the camera position and you miss the Alt.

i think you can st any object as a camra this allows you to see the point of view from a certain object at a certain location in a scene

i think i saw that somwhere in wiki


Hmm. Silly me, here I alway used an actual camera parented to the object, at least for the POV renders I’ve made…

Thank u all for helping me. I know i had this problem few years ago but culdnt find the button again.

Thank you!

I just had this issue myself. I’m glad I found this thread.

The camera seems to be something that I need to spend some quality time with. I always manage to screw it up somehow.

You guys are making the transition from other software a bit easier.