object deformed with armatures in gamemode

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ok, i have this character which i deformed witlh armatures to get a nice pose. The character is a statue and so doesn’t move. Now when i enter real time mode, all the deformations dissappear. So my question is: is there any way to get rid of the armatures without removing the deformation? If there isn’t, how else could i solve this problem?



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You probably forget to enter in pose mode when you have deformed the
mesh and that way Blender don’t create the Action or IPO keys
You must select your armature and do Ctrl-tab slect the bones rotate or whatever and add keys.
If you have selected Key AC and OB Blender do it automatically.
Is this clear??

(theeth) #3

You don’t need KeyOB for automatic Armature keyframing, only KeyAC.


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how exactly does it do it automatically? do you just have to specify the frame?

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Correct!! You choose your frame (with arrow keys for ex.) and with your Armature in “blue” slect bone(s) and do an action (rot for ex.)
Check in the Action or Ipo window there’s new keys!!
Magic han?! :slight_smile:
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