object disappearing when textured

hi i am making a game with some robots and a character, i have been trying to texure the character but when i try it disappears? i have tried adding a cube and it works fine.
Anyone have any ideas?? i’ve been having this problem for a while now and i have searched this forum for hours

any help very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Please provide a demo blend that shows you problem.

hi there here are two .blend projects, i’ve moved the character the armature and the bounding box to the first layer.


untextured.blend (1.21 MB)textured.blend (1.23 MB)

Apply the Subsurface Modifier.

Yes the subsurf Modifier is the Problem.

Thanks!!! but if this happens again is it only a subserf modifier that should be applied?

In General all Modifiers except for the Armature Modifier must be applied or you will get Problems ingame. In most Cases it is just a massive Drop in the Framerate, but worse enough.

You should get rid of the subsurf anyway. It adds a lot of generic faces. Better design the mesh layout manually. You can base on the subsurfed mesh. So just apply it.