object disappears in exe file

hi every body
i have a problem with GLSL shading mode, character appears correctly when i press p in blender but when i export it to exe file some of objects appear and some of it disappear
i have packed all files before exporting
sorry for my bad English and thank you

There is a subsurf modifier bug in the Blenderplayer 2.57b. The only thing that you can do is to remove or apply all subsurf modifier.

thanks for replay , but i already removed it … i cant understand how do objects appear when i press play inside blender and don’t appear in exe file

hey … i have found a solution, when i add decimate modifier on objects it appear in the exe file but if i applied the modifier it disappear again, the new problem is how to activate the textures while using decimate modifier?

Currently there are some serious modifier issues in the external player (beyond just subsurf). To me so far the behavior is odd and unpredictable. The best solution right now is to try and avoid modifiers if possible when using the external player. If you can wait these bugs should eventually get resolved (they are on my todo list for GSoC).

thanks for your replay, i hope these problems gonna be solved soon