Object disappears when entering Sculpt Mode

Hi, people!

I’m just starting out with blender. Never even used any other similar software, so I went ahead and began with Blender Guru’s tutorial for beginners, where he teaches how to make a donut with frosting and all.

So, I have my donut, I’ve added a subdivision modifier, then made the icing, then I applied the modifier to the donut only, so I could proceed with sculpting the middle crease that donuts have, and my objects simply disappear from the screen! In the tutorial, an orange model of the donut and icing show up, but in my viewport, the objects are invisible. The mesh is there, and my brush cursor snaps to the surface of the object, but I can’t see it.

Does anyone know if this is a setting I can change or how to fix it?

Thank you, in advance!

Here’s a link to the tutorial I’m following:

Right now I’m stuck on Part 5, Level 1.

Did you ever figure this out. I’m having the same issue. I don’t see things when in sculpt mode that i see in every other mode.

I found this and it helped. I hit “/” on the number pad.
" Maybe you are in local view? Use ‘/’ from the numpad, or the menu "

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/ is one of the best hotkeys in Blender.


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Unless you forget you’ve used it.

IMO there should be a conspicuous indicator that there both Hidden AND Isolated items in any scene. Much confusion would be avoided.

It’s a little low profile, but it will say “Local” next to User Orthographic or User Perspective.

I know, but as you say, it’s “low profile”. TOO low profile, especially in such a cluttered interface as Blender’s. --That’s why I bolded “conspicuous” – see how just a little difference jumps out?

If “Local” were in a different color (on my theme I’d use yellow) it would be a big help.

Color is one thing that C4D really used to their advantage – it’s a very busy interface, but everything is nice and clear due to their wise use of color.

FWIW, I think Hidden and Isolated states should maybe/optionally be flagged on load: that is, when a *.blend file is loaded, the UI would give the user a “hedzup!” and the option to turn off all Hidden and Isolated flags. “A day later” or “the next morning” is the time most people would forget which items they’ve Hidden or Isolated.

I’d recommend making the background of the UI much darker than that, I mean it’s personal preference but it would help you to read that info much easier, also it’s kinder on the eyes if you’re looking at it for several hours.

In preferences you can change the colour of just about everything so you could probably change the colour of the writing as well.

I spent a good couple hours setting Blender up just how I like it, organising the layout, startup file etc, and it was worth it. I recommend everyone do it if you intend on using blender on a regular basis.

Well, the problem with that is not the specific color combinations, it’s that the background color changes constantly, AND the ‘notification’, to dignify it more than it deserves, is quite small.

Since it’s a status flag, IMO it should be quite a bit more obvious - it’s simply too inconspicuous.

When After Effects is in “don’t update” mode, they put a one pixel red line completely around the work area. That’s easy to pick up on.

Honestly, I use it all the time and I don’t have this problem. If you use it (and anyone doing modelling should), you will remember it, and I think the UI is already cluttered enough.

At the end of the day it’s a high level tool and it requires learning, it can’t spoon feed every aspect.

You could say the same about After Effects, yet they managed to make it easier to use.

Adobe could have said “well, you should check that, learn to use the app.” Instead they chose to help their users.

So use After Effects? I’m sure the $20-$50 a month premium will be worth it.

If you spent half the time you seem to spend complaining about Blender, learning to actually use it, then you would have less problems. :slight_smile:

Feel free to block me.

Here’s YET ANOTHER example of someone confused by Hiding:

Were Hiding/Isolating states made more obvious, this person would have noticed, and not lost productivity.

Simple and obvious UI improvements are valid topics. And with Blender, they’re easy to spot, because the need is everywhere.

First, I don’t know why you dragged me into this. I was just asking the original poster for more information. In fact, my request to upload the file was to be able to check such things. Many support questions start out pretty vague (no disrespect to the OP - this stuff is complex).

Secondly, I am not confused by Blender’s hide/show function, but I have been using the software for a decade now.

Lastly, what’s with the concern trolling (as in the bolding on “everywhere”)? Perhaps you own Adobe stock? If you are not enamored with the software, don’t use it, and let the rest of us get on with our lives.

Speaking of which, I do not understand your vehemence. Not sure what planet you are from, but on mine there are real issues facing us like access to health care and the plethora of kleptocratic governments to worry about. The “my software is better than your software” debate is pointless (I’m being charitable here). Software is a tool, and work - good or bad - is done by the user, not the tool.

Edit: to @H-S - It should be “fewer” problems, not “less.” The term “less” is used for uncountable items (less water); “fewer” is used for countable items (fewer jobs). Don’t worry; it’s a common mistake :wink: (Note: I’m being ironic here.)

I’m not really sure how my saying the isolate hotkey is great, dragged me into a 4chan style digression into idiocy to be honest.

So I think I’ll gracefully bow out at this point.

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Omg mate i’ve just found out! just click alt H to unhide it :sweat_smile: