Object fading / transparency

I’ve a question about object fading transparency. I have simple object and I want it to fade. I don’t want to see it through itself - ie become glass like, I just want the image of it to fade into the background. In the view port I almost achieve this by changing the material alpha, or the object color alpha, or both - apart from a couple of artifacts (see left of image). In the BGE though the object no longer screens itself and is very confusing to look at (see right of image).

Is there anything I can do to make the BGE render more like the viewport and is there any way to fix the artifacts in the viewport?

Many thanks

I do not think this really works. You still see faces that are covered by the same object (which is natural on transparent meshes).

I can imagine a (little complicated) method to achive this effect:

What you can do is to render the (solid) object with another camera and project the output to a texture of a plane (videotexture example implementation: DynamicTexture). Than you fade out the plane.

Rats - though I feared this would be the case. Many thanks for the prompt response. Your solution would work but won’t do the trick for me (won’t mix with home brew stereo projection)

You can still use two planes with two projected textures.

Another option would be to use overlay scenes. But I do not know if it is possible to change the output transparency (the final render).