Object fine in Edit Mode, messed up in Object mode?

Ok so I’m a beginner in Blender and I started making a house. It looked fine before and then I started messing with nodes. I had to go to cycles to do this. Anyway, I hadn’t made any modifications to the house, so I checked it out again in Object Mode, and now it’s completely screwed. It looks fine in Edit mode, but in Object Mode it just looks really messed up. I’ll upload a few images to see if anyone here can lend a hand because I worked hard on it and it would suck to start over.


You would have to give more information than that if you want help with your problem.

Can you attach screenshoots of object and edit mode?
Have you applied any modifiers?

Best option would be to attach .blend file so we can download it and have a look “under the hood”.