Object in front of other

I was making a character and i want that the headphones to do not intersect the hat. I want to show the whole head phone like in real life.

I could do it in solid view mode by clicking the “in front” option in objects properties tab but not in render view mode.

If there is an addon or software or modifier pls tell me.

I am new to this community and this my first question. So pls tell me if I have done something wrong.

i think there is no other way than to warp the headphones or the hat so they don’t intersect, try the shrinkwarp modifier

I couldn’t get it right by shrinkwarp modifier.

(I could be doing it wrong so pls tell me which drop down will go best (like ‘ on surface or above surface with target normal or project’ etc.))

I am also learning that modifier, it is also relevant if the normals are oriented outwards or inwards. it is best to deform it manually, you will also have more control of the final result

for your particular case it is difficult but you should look for reference images and study how the objects you want to imitate are deformed.



from what I see here the hat deforms where the headphone rests and then slightly covers the edge, the headphone appears to deform a little in the area where it rests with the head

Chris Plush’s 2.8 Blender Encyclopedia has a whole section on all the modifiers. I don’t know if it would be helpful here. https://cgmasters.net/training-courses/the-blender-encyclopedia/ Good luck.

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Try Shrinkwrap Modifier on your headphones:

  • Target Object: Toque / Hat
  • Mode -> Project
  • Limit -> 1.000
  • Direction -> Negative (ONLY)
  • Cull faces -> Front
    Watch your offset distance… in my setup which is to real world units for a character it would be probably something like .01 (it might be signed, I can’t remember atop of my melon, haha)

It is showing the same result :slightly_frowning_face:

can you upload your blend file? I could have a look at it and make it work, perhaps. Usually the Shrinkwrap modifier works like a charm in situations like this

Why can’t you just sculpt/move it to form around the head. Might have to use proportional editing to keep the shape intact.

Yeah I did that. And it is working. Thanks :smile:

i got it by proportional editing. But thanks


Glad that helped. Take care.

you can also use the Mesh Deform modifier, create a cube around the area you want to deform, subdivide it a bit, give your headphone a Mesh Deform modifier with the cube as Object, move some vertices of the cube to deform the headphone. It has the advantage of being a non-destructive method