Object in x,y,z: name?

Hello everyone.
How do I know the name of the object in certain coordinates.
And if there was more than one object with its origin in those coordinates?

Thank you and apologize for any errors: translated with PC!

you need to loop all objects and determine their location
and see if it fits a specific given location you choose
might have to set some lower upper limit on this selection for location

did yous start any script yet ?

here is beginning of code snippet

object  location

import bpy

for obj in bpy.context.scene.objects:

    objloc1 = abs(obj.location[2] -0.33) < 0.01


here is example using Mathutil

import bpy
from mathutils import Vector

context = bpy.context
obj = context.active_object

obj.location += Vector([1, 1, 0])

happy bl