Object invisible in render..

I am quite new to modelling and 3D stuff and so I’ve been creating random crap in my free times, I just recently got this problem to which I couldn’t find any solution by my self so I thought I should ask more experienced users about it
I’ve been creating a sword and some how the hilt is invisible when I render in Cycles renderer, Blender renderer and Lux Render

This is the hilt in 3D view

And this is the render

Thanks in advance :D.

Check that if it uses any modifiers ensure you have enabled them at rendertime
Check in the outliner ensure you have enabled the object renderability (camera icon)
Check in the Object / Duplication panel you have not changed it from the default ‘None’ option
Check the object is on a layer you have set to be rendered

The most important check is that you ALWAYS supply a link to your blend file when you ask a support question so we don’t have to use guesswork

The second one solved it
I’ll remember to link my blend file next time, thanks.