Object manipulation is messed up

Hello Guys,

I messed something up when modeling in blender.
If I add an object, a cube for example and select only one vertex of the cube and try to move it with the grab tool, it moves the whole object and not only the selected vertex.
I think I accidentally pressed something. I try to illustrate it:
when pressing G, a big white circle appears. how can I get rid of it? If I scale the cube down, and then try to move it with G it moves the whole object. somehow it is locked to the circle. It might be a lame question, I know, but cant figure it out.

I appreciate your help.


That’s proportional edit mode. You can use the mouse wheel to change the size of the fall-off.

Enable/disable with ‘o’ or ‘Alt+o’, depending on the mode, or in the 3dview header.

thanks Man! you’re awesome! :slight_smile: works like a charm