Object mapping not uniform on all surface with procedural texture - how to resolve it?

I am noticing scaling difference with procedural texture while using object/generated mapping with geometric object. The rounded edges have noticeably different scaling. Is there any way to resolve it?

Here is what I mean:

Please let me know if you need any other info or the scene file.

  1. Add some arbitrary values into the location of the mapping node. Some generators can behave oddly around origo, although I don’t think noise is on of them.
  2. I’m assuming scale have been applied to the object(s)?
    If not, yeah, I’d like to have a look at the scene file.

Thank you for the reply.
I have tried both. and it doesn’t seem to help! :frowning:

Here is the blend file in case anyone wants to look into it:
Blender 2.80 object mapping procedural texture issue.blend (152.6 KB)

Try putting in some random rotation values. Appears perlin noise get a bit wacky when lookup volume is exactly normal to the surface. I’m not sure.
I’m getting similar but less issue with Musgrave (which I prefer over noise for bump purposes), but random rotation helps there as well.

The random rotation and musgrave combo is much better! Thank you. Really appreciate it.
Do you think this is a bug with 2.8 by the way? because I never noticed such issue with 2.7x…

just a note here
images are 2D and curved models are 3D

there will always be some distortion on the curved 3D model from 2D image projection
that is how it is !

You can have a 2D curved surface.
What does 2D image projection have to do with what the topic is about; procedural texture?

@saiko: I don’t know. I know heavy repetition of noise can cause issues, but I can’t recall having seen this.

Just did a quick test in 2.79, saw your 2.8 issue. Does suggest a problem with the noise implementation if no rotation just happens to give weird looking output. Too perfect of a coincidence. But the workaround is simple enough I, personally, wouldn’t bug report it.

in blender procedural texture have several predefined method of projection
like cube cylinder sphere
and In any type of projection from 2D to 3D there will always be distortion !

happy bl

@RickyBlender: It seems you are mixing up 2D image projection and procedural texture - they are not the same! That’s why you don’t need to unwrap UV for procedural textures.

@ bandages : thank you for confirming it, at least I am not the only only one noticing this issue! are you talking about the same workaround as CarlG?

@ CarlG thank you for the tip to minimize it - I won’t have figured it out easily.

Yup, just a bit of rotation (in two axes) fixes it.