Object mode - can only select all or nothing

Sorry if this is a terribly newbie question. I’m sure I have something simple wrong.

I am partway through a tutorial and all of a sudden, in object mode, I can no longer select individual objects. If I right click on one object, all of them select. I have even duplicated objects, then tried to select only the new object and again, all of them are selected. It has happened in other tutorials and it’s very frustrating because I can no longer move pieces independently and I end up giving up. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think you may have duplicated them in edit mode. When you add or duplicate objects in edit mode they are considered by blender as the same object. In the future, duplicate them in object mode. For your current problem, select the parts you want as a separate object in edit mode, and press P, separate selected.

Ah! Many thanks for the explanation and very quick answer. That did the trick! :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the help. This looks to be a great forum. Cheers! :smiley: