Object moves back to previous spot after following path

As per title. How do I keep the object from teleporting back to the start of the path after it finishes following the path?
I’ve googled and searched and am so lost. :frowning:

EDIT: I use the restrict frames option for the object to follow the path after a while, which it does. However, the object moves back to the previous location after it reaches the end of the frame range. Is there a way to keep it there?

Anyone? I’m kinda lost as I’m trying to create a short animation for presentation and can’t progress without the items staying at where I want them to

personally I like to keyframe the fixed position option in the follow path constraint. with this option, I don’t think it goes back to the start.

Hope it helps!


Hi there, thanks for the reply :smiley:
Sadly, the object refuses to budge when I check the fixed position box.
The odd thing is that this does not occur and the object stays at the new position when I do not limit the frames.
However, limiting the frames for when to take the curve, causes the teleportation back to the start of the curve. :confused:

Why use fixed position?
You want the object to go from A to B along the path.
So in the curve properties set a key for value 0 at the evaluation time A, then set a key for value 100 at time B.
This way the object should stay at B when it’s gone along the path…

It stays!! Thanks~!!