Object not displaying correctly

Hello the two images above are supposed to be a tire and wheel for a car I am modeling, im pretty new at 3d modeling. I have been following tutorials on youtube on modeling so far, this is one of my first road blocks, the middle part of the wheel should show extrusion, this may be the most geometry I have added on an object , I tried deleting uneccesary vertices that wouldnt be shown without any luck, so I am stumped. any help is appreciated.

Upload your blend file to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and reply with the download link


First thing you should do is actually look at your object.
You have a face covering the centre of the wheel so delete it

Then you will see you have overlapping faces which you’ll also have to manually clean up

Or you could start again and properly watch your tutorial and follow what is being done.

thanks a bunch, i decided to just start over