Object not visible in Render

Hi guys,
I am facing a problem.
I was working on an Architectural project for which I have used ArchiPack to make few objects like walls, stairs.
Now While working I choose Display Only Render ( Press N>Display> Tick Only Render) to simpify the view. But what I found that wall and roof disappear with other non rendering things. Though wall appear in Render preview (Shift+z) but not in the render. Now I couldn’t find any option to rectify this problem.
I am attaching the blend file for reference. (Please Do mind that the Wall object is not showing in Outliner list so I can choose render option.)

Note: I have applied a modifier of wall earlier.

If this is not solvable then is there a quick way to make a new wall similar to this one(includeing the holes) without Archi pack .


2.blend (1.16 MB)

Not sure I get your problem…

This is very basic Blender knowledge…
Don’t get me wrong, but you might want to familiarize with the user interface and the fundamentals of using Blender before proceeding into more complex work.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: …Thanks for reminding me that I need to work more…I will keep that in my mind…:eek:

It wasn’t my intention to step on your toes…:wink:
It’s just that cutting corners when it comes to basics will usually not pay out, as you will only run into roadblocks like this issue more often. Take your time to learn Blender from the ground up - and the rest will follow.

:slight_smile: YOU ARE RIGHT.
Today I found myself stuck in another basic problem.
My camera view ( ‘0’) showing blank view. It was working yesterday in the same file I am working on. Though rendering is working fine only the camera view is the problem. I have checked the clipping in camera setting 1mm to 10 km.