Object onto face of another object.

Hello, I’m not a native english speaker so my descriptions might not be perfect.
I have a object I want to put onto a face of another objects mesh.

Such as adding a vent to the body of a spaceship.

Depending on what you are doing, you could place the vent object really close to the spaceship object so they look like they are together, you could texture the vent onto the ship, or if you really need to you could give booleans a try (I don’t recommend that option though).

There are many ways you can do this. Some more information on what you want to use this for, and possibly some more information on the actual objects (perhaps some renders/screenshots).



Here is an image of the problem.

Just set the ship to be the parent of the vent. Then move the vent where ever you want it to be located.

That worked out well enough.

Thank you.

Yea, just move that onto the ship and parent(ctrl+p) or join(ctrl+ j) the vent to the ship. If you want to line it up better use the snapping tool. It is the magnet looking thing on the 3d view header.

edit: Sorry didn’t see your last post, glad you got it working.