Object Origin Moves Yet Object Mesh Remains Still

Ok, so this problem is stumping everybody i’ve come across so i guess it’s time to let the oh great internet to it’s magic.

I’ve been having an issue when trying to move, rotate, or scale an object in both blender 2.83.8 lts and 2.91.2, whenever i apply one of the aforementioned the origin moves around, but the mesh still stays at the original position. i can’t spawn the object somewhere else by changing the location in the create menu. i know about the ability to move the origin independent of the mesh but that isn’t applied here. i can apply modifiers like bevel and array but moving the object doesn’t work. it’s as if blender has enabled the origin only transform indefinitely and i can’t figure out why. this is on a fresh install with whatever the default startup for the respective versions. any ideas to help?