Object Physics Help Requested (Unruly Clipboard)

The problem I’m having is…well, this:

Rather than falling on the floor like a normal, well adjusted clipboard, the object in question tumbles about the terrain mesh. After it is satisfied with its active attempts to thwart the standards of acceptable reality, it does finally come to rest on its bottom edge - as in the one that makes it stand upright.

My first impression is that the bounding box is somehow off, but the only option I can find (under physics) seems only to change the overall shape of the box and not the dimensions of it. I have done my googling, but there are only so many ways I can think to rephrase “blender game engine psychotic object”…so I have come to you for a bit of insight.

How do I fix this? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks very much!

Apparently, clipboards hate being stuck in fields in the middle of space - clipboards are made to roam free, and be around their friends, the pen, pencil, and paper. LOL

Yeah, you are correct that the bounding box is off. Firstly, make sure that ‘Blender Game’ is selected at the top of the Blender window. Secondly, go to the physics tab, click the ‘Collision Bounds’ check box, and select a different bounding physics type (like convex hull, or box, if your mesh is fairly high-poly). It appears to be Rigid Body, so it should work fine after that.

Excellent, that worked perfectly! Part of the problem was also that I had linked the file and didn’t change the bounding box in the original blend, oops. (Though now I feel terrible for crushing its free spirit.) Thank you!