Object property to blender (how?)

Ok, here is what I am trying to do:

I have a property (Integer) called “distmult”. I need to take the value of that property, and set it as the value of the variable “LaunchVar” in a python code. “LaunchVar” is then used to control a motion actuator. The problem is I’m new to python, so don’t know how to make the variable’s value match the property’s value.

Here is my guess so far:

import GameLogic

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()
LaunchAct = cont.getActuator(“LauncAct”)

LaunchVar = own.distmult

LauchAct.setForce(0, distmult, 0, 1)

GameLogic.addActiveActuator(LauchAct, 1)
I think I am on the right track, but I could be completly off the mark. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Edit- In the title, I meant Python, not Blender. Sorry, It’s late :smiley:

Yes, that is exactly how you do it. Except, instead of

LauchAct.setForce(0, distmult, 0, 1)

You’d want to use

LaunchAct.setForce(0, LaunchVar, 0, 1)


LaunchAct.setForce(0, own.distmult, 0, 1)

Cool it works now! Thanks!