Object repeating on path

Hi there.

I’ve looked this up in several places, but I’m getting a bit stuck.

I have my object following a path. The path is cyclic so it’s closed. All is fine for the number of frames for the path. Now I go into the graph editor where I’m meant to select the frames I want to repeat and add an F modifier, but there are no frames or points to select. I don’t have any filters on, the path is visible in the object list.

What am I missing?


Sorry, should have said, Blender 2.71

Add follow path constraint to object. In constraint settings select the path and keyframe the offset.
In graph editor with the cube selected add the cycle modifier


path_cycle.blend (92.3 KB)

After 2 days trying to figure this out I found there is a very easy way to achieve this. I don’t know at what version this became available, but in 2.71 it’s really simple.
Create your object and your path.
Create a ‘Follow Path’ constraint on your object.
Make the path your target.
Select Follow curve.
At this point your object will have moved, I can’t quite work out why, or in relation to what, but now place the object where you want it to start on the path or relative to it.
Set an Offset if you want one.
Click the Animate Path button.

Job done. You can’t set a loop count with this method, the rotation will simply continue until the end of the animation.

The center of the your object is what will snap to the curve line when you check the “follow curve” tick box… if you have offset the center any it will determine how the object follows around the curve… it’s also wise to do a Ctrl+A (Apply) “Rotation and Scale” before you add the Curve Constraint…