Object rotation animation make particles lay down on their side

Hello, I’m making a simple animation, which is basically a sphere moving and rotating.
The sphere a hair particle system to make some bits stick out of it.
Everything works when stati, but when I animate the object rotation, the sticks start from an upright position and by the end of the animation they all lay by their side.
If I rotate the sphere without keyframing it, the spikes move as intended

I’m posting the settings and some screenshots of the scene:

It is not the default behavior. By default, changing rotation of emitter does not change inclination of hair.
You changed something that is not supposed to happen.

Hair may fall if Hair Dynamics are enabled.
But if you are using hair just to position spikes, there is no reason to enable that.

Sorry, I forgot to publish the screenshot of the settings, I’ve edited the post now. Hair dynamics was already disabled, but the problem persists

Damn, who is spreading this false asumption that you have to touch to advanced settings and messup rotation panel ?
If you want to use hair as guide for particles : don’t touch that Rotation panel.
Just keep in mind that : object duplicated follows hair direction according to his Y axis.

Rotation panel is only useful when you want to animate or randomize rotation of objects.
By default, its orientation axis is set to Velocity/Hair. You should not change that.
Normal is an orientation only useful when you don’t use Hair particles but Emitter particles.

Thank you. The reason why I’ve always activated the advanced tab is because my first attempt was to find an option that allows you to change the rotation. It is counterintuitive that you have to rotate the particle object itself to have it the right rotation when emitted. Then, once “advanced” is activated, if you deactivate it the behavior of the particles is still funny.
To fix my scene as you have suggested I had to create a new particle system and leave the advanced tab untouched.

Still, a problem persist as now some particles rotate along their Z axis, as you can see in the attached video.
The only animated parameter is the location and rotation of the emitter object, I don’t get why the particles rotate…

It’s worth mentioning that I’m using collections and not single objects as particles.

I’m attaching the blend file:

Current particle system has bugs. Developers are currently working on particles nodes to replace it. That should be more reliable.

You can try to workaround the bug by enabling children.
Choose Simple Children.
Set their amount to 1. Set radius to 0.
You should obtain particles without rotation at same location.

Thank you, that solved it!
I agree, most of my errors with particles are caused with inexperience, but tha particle system sems to have some bugs as well.