object track, want to smooth motion on Y axis.

Hi I have a good object solve 0.3, of a head slowly rotating but Im getting some unwanted movement on the Y axis (depth)
I would like to smooth that out so thought I could bake to f-curve then run a smooth filter on the animation curve of the Y axis but Constrain to curve F-curve dos not produce and animation curve in graph editor, any ideas or help would be much appreciated thanks.

No images, no blend file, how are we to help you? Baking f-curve means you cannot modify the movement a great deal under normal circumstances, I can only guess at how you built the blend file, so cannot help further…

Oh yes, “Welcome to BA”.

Please always post at least images showing the problem and preferably a simple blend file so we can see how you have setup the model. It saves a lot of guesswork and means you will get more answers. As you are new here, post blend files to pasteall.org/blend then post the link to your file here, if you are unable to add blend files to your posts - use the “Go Advanced” button to post images, etc.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks for the welcome I think? here is a link to the blend file http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=47200
as I mention I would like a way to smooth out the y motion of the object, any help would be much appreciated