Object Tracking not Showing Empties

Following along with blendercookie.com’s object tracking tutorial (the one with the girl holding the gun) and am running into problems when I start the object tracking process.

Whenever I solve for the Object Motion, I don’t get the empties in my viewport. Nothing seems to work correctly from that point onward.

I tried to still use an Object Solver Constraint and everything starts screwing up. Can anyone help out?

There are two things that you have to have in your scene for object markers to show up: Object Solver Constraint set on the object and Camera Solver Constraint set to your camera. This is necessary even if your camera is static and doesn’t need to be solved

I believe I have both:

The camera is moving so I had to solve for the camera. I haven’t manually added a camera solver in the modifiers tab, but after I solve for the camera it shows a camera solver in the outliner.

Do I need to still manually add a camera solver modifier after I hit the Camera Motion button?

When I solve for the object, I get an error of like 1.5. But the empties are not in the viewport. When I add a object solver modifier and select Object, the cube dissapears and the transform tool jumps to the camera.

I have the exact same problem!
Using blender 2.62.
I even downloaded the same footage from hollywoodcamerawork and followed step-by-step the cgcookie tutorial (https://vimeo.com/33283857)

Everything works fine, except when I hit Solve Object Motion, Blender tells me the solve error but nothing happens in the 3D scene.

Also, when I add an “Object Solver Constraint” to –say– a cube, the correct solved object appears in the field, but when I select it the cube just disappears…

Anyone in the same situation?

It’s either a bug or there’s a small detail (usually some random button that needs to be pressed) that we missed in the tutorial. Or maybe something extra he did with his completed scene but isn’t in the video.

I’ve submitted a help desk request to cgcookie.com and will post the answer when they get back to me.

Maybe the scale is wrong. eventually there is a bug where the default scale size is set to 0.0001. Go to reconstruction and set the scale / distance to one.
And of course the cam has to have the cam-solver and the object the ob-solver.

It worked like a charm! Thanks a lot Sebastian! :slight_smile:

That did it, Thanks! My cube is distorting a bit though…

I have the exact same problem and have been using you tutorial as a guideline, and this solution still hasn’t worked for me.

I have the same problem you had and Sebastian’s solution still hasn’t worked for me. How did it work for you?

You might not see them due to the camera being too far from the markers. In the viewport, in the N-panel (right one), you can set the size of the markers under the Motion Tracking settings. Default size is ‘0.2’.

It’s not that I just can’t see them, when I try to solve for the object, I get an error. It’s frustrating because I paid a lot of attention, to the tutorial, yet something just has to go wrong.

I also tried to increase the size, and it only picks up the tracks for the camera not the object.

I’m thinking it could be because I deleted the cube that originally shows up after you hit “Setup Tracking Scene” and then added a new one when I got to the object tracking part. Would this be the cause of the problem? Thanks for the help to those who have already or will answer.

So you’re doing object tracking as well?

In any case, when you track an object, you need to set the solver from Camera to Object. It’s in the N-panel in the MCE (movie clip editor). Furthermore, I believe that the minimum amount of trackers per object is 8. Is that the case?

Objects in the scene have nothing to do with the actual tracking and solving. If you’d like, you can upload your file here and let us take a look at it.

Yes I’m object tracking. I followed everything in Sebastian’s tutorial. I’m going to start over in case I did something wrong. Thank you for all of the help though.

Yes I’m in the same situation. (It’s still not working)

One more thing. My camera is static, and the camera data is at zero. Is it okay for it to be that way since it’s a static camera?

You’re trying to get a solve from a static camera?