Object Transparency Based on Location

Hello. Is it possible to have an object become 100% transparent when it reaches certain coordinates instantly? Not fade away but if the fade is required a quick fade would work.

Im have objects animate Along a curve using the array modifier. At the end of the curve I’d like them to disappear instead of traveling along still after the curve.

A particle system doesn’t work for me because the render farm Im going to utilize for the animation has bad particle / physics support.


This could be interesting… :+1:
Procedural Disintegrating Effect in EEVEE | Blender 2.8 FX Tutorial

…no particle system … all procedural …

Alternatively… . the simplest:

  • use the alpha of the object.

Basic example:

  • create any object.

  • Assign a material to it in image 1 with:

    • Alpha = 1 / Blend Mode = Alpha Clip
  • move it to image 199 with the same settings.

  • move it to image 200 with:

    • Alpha = 0

Result, in image 200, your object “disappears.”

Even simpler…

Still on the same principle as before, you just have to use the “Visibility” property of the object:

  • Object Property tab > Visibility > Show in Viewport


The problem (I believe) with the two examples you gave me is that since I have an array of the same object, as one object reaches the location where I would like it to disappear, they would all disappear.

The more I think about trying to go about this utilizing the alpha for the object the more I think it won’t be possible since all of them are instances of the original.

:slightly_smiling_face: If you use an Array… then I’ll use the first option. (Procedural)

In the tutorial, it is the displacement of the object “Empty” that produces the “dissolution” of an object…

In your case, put the Empty in "exit/end of the animation of your Array.

Empty is fixed and your Array is animated…

You could use this material setup:

But it only works after you apply the array modifier. It does work if you use instancing instead of an array modifier, which would probably be the best solution in this case.

That worked blender rocket along with using instances that followed a curve versus an array that followed a curve. Thanks!

This interests me for another purpose. Would such a script work?
alphatransparency = 0;
if(object coordinate == therightones) alphatransparency = 1;