Object with curve path constraint in GE ?

I have a cube object with a curve path constraint and am wondering how to activate it, use it in the game engine…

I used an ipo actuator but it didnt do anything.

Thanks very much.


You can’t use paths in the GE without converting them to IPO curves. There is a script to do that by haramanai. Find it in this thread:


haramanai’s script makes a key for each frame I think. Dr. S has a script that lets you specify how many keys you want on the IPO. It’s a little lower in the thread. To use the script, I think you select the object, then run the script in the Text Editor with [Alt+P].


Thanks, that makes sense too.


Wow, that was a great script, makes life so easy…

It would be nice if they added that to blender??? not sure how to suggest that for the new release?