Object with mdd cached file doesn´t render in final render, but in cycles preview

Hi folks,
Using 2.79 for the moment since I prefer it when working with Lightwave objects.
I have a dragon figure animated, but that is mdd scanned.
there are at least two objects which is loaded, and the mdd plays fine with both objects, one part is the horns attached to the dragon and that is parented to the dragon body, I am also moving the dragon body forward in motion, and the dragon horns move with it as well, it all works okay in opengl and when rendering with cycles, but as soon as I am about to render with final render, these horns are gone.

both the dragon body and the horns have their individual mdd cache modifier to load the mdd and it is all set correctly I think, since it works for the openGL and in cycles preview, so what is it that causes the final render not to render the horns?

May have tracked it down a little bit, still odd that it shows in openGL and in cycles preview and not in final render.
But, I had a subdiv modifier stacked just before the cache modifier, though I had turned it off, so once I removeit, or simply put the subdiv modifier to last, it renders ok…
So I guess my issue is solved.

Thanks for watching and take notes :slight_smile:
/Michael aka Prometheus on Newtek forums.

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Just ran into this exact problem and this thread lead to a quick resolution. Thanks @MI65