Object wont follow hand correctly after fbx export

Hey everyone,
I used Rigify to rig a creature and added a bone for the Crystal in his hand.
In blender everything looks fine but when i export it as fbx file the crystal kind of follows the hand but not correctly and glitches through the creatures mesh…

I tried baking the animation and different export settings as well as using normal parent and parent constraint for the crystal bone but couldnt fix it. has anyone an idea what the reason for the different behaviour in the fbx could be?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What are you opening the .fbx in?

In an empty Blender file to check it before impoting into Unity.

okay so, why use a bone for the crystal? why not just parent the crystal to the hand?

sorry for the late answer.
I wanted to have animation control over the crystal. Like key the constraint value and animate it, for example when it is supposed to fall to the ground.
Actually it has more than one bone by now because i wanted it to “grow”.