Object won't smooth... :(

Why can’t I smooth my object. It’s an irregular shape. I deformed a UV sphere with a lattice. Before I did that, I subdivided the shape. (Don’t remember exactly what command I used for that.) But I noticed that when I subdivided that shape, the divisions that were already there remained prominent! And later when I smoothed the shape, it didn’t completely smooth. The divisions that were there before I modified the shape, remained partially visible.

What am I doing wrong? :frowning:

Any help with this will be very much appreciated.

Screenshot please

Did you click “Smooth” in edit mode? In edit mode, only the selected vertices will have smooth shading.

I don’t remember. Let me check this out. I suspect that I smoothed in object mode. And I suspected something was up after I subdivided… because the new subdivisions looked somehow less prominent than the divisions that were already there.

This is the third of forth time I’ve tried to post a reply along with two images, (screenshots)… after first figuring out how to create screenshots. I couldn’t get the images plus my text, in the post together. Forgive me. Learning disabilities and poor vision are most probably a factor. :frowning:

OK I think I did it this time. Sometimes I feel like a fish, trying to fly a 747!

Anyway, the first image shows the object after I subdivided it. Note the two different levels of divisions.

The second image shows the object after I smoothed it. Why isn’t it completely smooth? :frowning:

Smoothing only smooths the appearance between adjacent face normals. If faces are close together you will not get a totally smooth look, you’ll get visible ridges. Smoothing is just a fake look, if your sillouette is jagged it will still be with smooth shading. A Lower resolution mesh with a subsurf modifier and smooth shading will give a smoother look.