Objects appear darker than they should in scene

Hey guys, simple scene, HDRI environment map set as Background in World material. And one object - a cube. Simpliest Diffuse material. If my only light source is HDRI image, why does my cube appear darker than it would be in real life situation within the same environment? The only thing that makes it brighter is if i enable AO under world properties. Puzzled.

You could try increasing the strength of the HDRI Background.

Let’s say if i have a HDRI with a white cube in it. Why my 3d white cube is not in the same shade / color as in my HDRI? HDRI is the only light source. I want to understand what makes it appear differently?

I am looking to render an object into a photo. Photo and HDRI has been taken with same manual settings. HDRI is rotated according to my camera view. I thought i could rely simply on HDRI to match colors/lights everything that is in photo.

Try switching from filmic to standard. I’m pretty sure your camera doesn’t have filmic included - an old film based camera would be closer actually. Also note that the image the camera produces (or during your own processing of the raw file), you will apply curves and maybe some tone mapping to it. Also you need to pick a color balance that you can reproduce. Indoor, outdoor, shade, sunlight? What’s the kelvin/color of the indoor lights?

To capture it and be able to use it and calibrate it, you need a “white” diffuse ball, a chrome ball, a greycard, and a macbeth chart - perhaps not all. I’ve seen a tutorial on this for cinematography, but I can’t find it at the moment. I’m not sure what your “white” is, but a 1,1,1 diffuse surface isn’t something you’d be able to find. But I also don’t know what the albedo is for a “white” diffuse ball is, which is what you should reproduce if you shot it.

That doesn’t make sense though. A photo would be a single shot possibly with a bit of tonemapping to it. HDRI would be a series of manual exposures bracketed, and you may not know “where it sits” (which is what makes Phil_n’s comment make sense). What file format is your “HDRI”? Some cameras claim to be HDR cameras, but only produce a tonemapped image from multiple exposures with no actual HDR information in them.

Images or shared file would be preferred.

Thanks, it all starts to fall into place, did watch much more tutorials on this and now i start to understand the whole idea. Thank you!