Objects are in random location when i start up

ever time i save and quit blender all my objects are layed out in the right posistion and then i save. when i come back in they are in random locations and i have to fix them every time any idea why.

If you open / reload a file, everything should be the same as the way you saved it.

If you’re talking about starting up Blender, before you load anything, the scene / objects you see in that case are what was saved using the File / Save Default settings command, (or if you’ve never used that command the default ./.blender/.B.blend file that is created when Blender is installed.


Did you animate these objects at some point? If they have keyframes and IPO curves, if you move things around and don’t set new keys they’ll jump back to their last keyed locations when you reopen the file or when you change the current frame number.