Objects are tiny after export

Hi guys.

I am having an issue with objects that I export to a fbx file are small when imported into other applications. Now, I set everything to metric. I use blender, mud box, 3ds max and Unreal Engine.

Now, as I said I have all settings in each application set to metric. I can toss the same object between UE, Mudbox, and ads max and they all maintain the same size with no problem. It is only after exporting from blender that the object becomes very small.

Do I have my settings correct? I have attached an image.

are the objects scaled?

check an object in the properties window, object settings (little cube)

It is still exporting very very very tiny.

Don’t really have an answer, but from personal experience I find that fbx objects import very small unless you check the “Manual orientation” button in the import settings. I found that makes a really huge difference in size, so perhaps the answer lies in the export settings (after you press the export button in the menu, but before you select the location/file name, the settings should be on a panel on the left.)