Objects changing position after pressing F12

Hi everyone. This is my first ever post here and I just recently started working with blender. I set up the scene with camera and some materials and wanted to do first render so I clicked F12. And I got really weird thing, I hope the picture will explain everthing. Please help!,

Are you using any modifiers on the walls?

Hi BigBlend. I tried to use archipack walls but I couldn’t get it to look like brick. So I deleted it and changed to regular plane for walls instead. But the window on the right side is still from archipack. The window and seat and table are in the right position but the walls moved and are also showing hdri. I am super confused. The walls have no modifiers, just few edge loops.

I don’t know then. You could try quitting Blender and restarting the computer, then open the file again. As a first step so we know that it isn’t some memory corruption going on.

Hi. I have resaved, restarted, reopened both still no change.