Objects clipping into eachother

I’m new to blender, just started today and I’m just trying to feel my way around. I was following one of the beginners guides and two objects kept clipping into each other. I tried using the snap function but it didn’t fix the problem. How do I avoid objects from clipping into each other? sorry if I got the terminology wrong I’m a beginner

Hey, there is a first time for everyone, and a first time for everything :slight_smile: Dont worry about terms, we’ll help you out.

Now, if i may ask, could you post a screenshot of your scenario? Because things “clipping” into each other is never an issue, unless its something you dont want for a specific particular reason, such as 3D printing, or if you’re able to see both sides of the mesh (the actual object thingy)

How you want to deal with it will also depend on the scenario.

You got Boolean, you have the shrink wrap modifier, you have snap tools, im not quite sure where to begin, so lets get a bit more specific :slight_smile:

And since you’re just starting out, a quick tip that i think you’ll get far with.

Take “beginner tips” with a grain of salt. A lot of people, especially in my beginner days, used to say things and tell us to follow those things like a religion… Things that i’ve since learned that really dont matter.

You will hear things like “Everything needs a bevel!”
“Always have quads! Triangles and N-Gons are bad!”
“You need a proper topology for everything!”
“Always use as little polygons as possible!”
“Boolean is terrible and should never be used!”

Now, to clarify, these are good things… But just dont write them down like a religion, more like loose guidelines. If you get too caught up in these rules, then they will severely hinder your progression, as you’ll be nailing down on things that dont really matter. Once you understand the reasoning behind these “tips”, then you’ll automatically start implementing them when its right.

And you’ll be doing it because you know why, not because some rando told you so.

If you hear any of these “beginner tips”, and you’re not certain whether or not to implement it, then feel free to drop a thread on the forum, and im sure someone will clarify when to use it, and so on :slight_smile:

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Hello! thank you for taking time to help me. Im following BlenderGuru’s beginner’s guide and the icing clips into the donut like so:

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In this particular case, i’d personally just move the icing up. Enter edit mode, enable Proportional Editing, and pull it up a bit.

If you want more procedural control, then put a shrink wrap modifier, above the solidify and sub surface modifier in your modifier stack.

If the explanation was a bit confusing, then let me know and i’ll simplify it a bit.

Dont worry, this explanation was perfect.
Once again thank you so much for taking time to help me i really appreciate it!

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