objects disappear when I copy the layer?

I’ve got some weird bug in blender.
When I copy a full scene and play the game, the player is turned invisible and the camera doesn’t trace is anymore but just tracks to the player.

Anyone know what the f*ck is going on?

Thanks. ^^

If you copy a scene, all the objects in the scene get copied, and since Blender has a cardinal rule against objects having the same name, all your objects names are changed. Therefore, your actuators who use those names become completely useless.

Please do not confuse layer (see thread title) and scene (post). Tht are complete different things.

If it is not what Sunjay03 said, please show as a blend.

Oh, sorry yea I ment scene. :blush:
I will post .blend tomorrow. atm it’s 17 mb which is a little much.

In that case try to make a simpler blend. While doing that you might discover the source of the problem. If not we might be able to help.

Here’s the link of my battle system.

It has the same bug. Play it, and rotate camera with middle mouse button.
Then copy the full scene and try again. You’ll see what happenes.

thanks already ^^

Can anyone please help me?
Still aint solved