objects disappear when rendered?!

I’ve got a model car with moving parts, and it rendered great. I duplicated one of the objects and changed their positions in the ipo window so that I could have several different instances of the object doing the same animation, just in different locations. Now when I render, those objects do not render.

I put them on a separate layer with a lamp, and they still would not render.

I’ve made each of them have a single user for the object and the data.

They are using the same material as other parts of the car.

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this? Thanks much:)

Even though you moved them they still share identical IPO data so they jump back into the same place when you animate (this only occurs when you animate, not when you render single frames). You can change the location of each instance without the need to change each IPO by parenting each instance to it’s own empty, then moving the empties instead of the instances themselves.

Thanks RamboBaby. That helped me fix a different problem I was facing. I had already separated each object so that it had it’s own ipo curves. In the 3d view they were separate throughout the animation, but when rendered, one of the several objects wouldn’t render. I think I’ll just have to recreate the object anyway since you showed me an easier way accomplish my end goal, but I’m still curious why one of the several objects decided to stop rendering for me when it was doing it before. Thank again for the help.

There are two sets of buttons on the Rander Layer tab. make sure that all the layers that are enabled on the top row are enabled on the bottom row also. Otherwise you’ll only trace shadows and reflections of objects on the top row that aren’t enabled on the bottom row. Other than that I can’t think of any other reason why your objects might not be rendering.