Objects disappear.

Hi all,

I’m modeling a cabinet, and have started with the textures on the wooden parts. I used UVmapping for this, and everything went fine. Rendering went fine too.
I saved, went to bed. 2 Days later, when I opened the file, ALL the objects (except 3) I used UVmapping on disappeared. After searching for them, I found them all at the same place: The object which I duplicated & deformed many times.

So it seems after saving & shutting down my pc all the UVmapped objects move back to the place where they were created.

Does anyone have experienced this, and know how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

A bit better explanation:

1: I open the .blender file
2: I pick an object (all parts of the cabinet, but not the glasses)
3: I move the object from X to Y
4: I save the file. (Ctrl + S)
5: I open the file. (Ctrl + O)
6: The object has moved back to X

Anyone can help me? At the moment this really stops me blendering, as everything I do can’t be saved:(

I tried using other file-names, didn’t work.
This problem doesn’t show up in other blender-files.

Do you have any IPO’s on those objects?



Yes, I do have IPO’s on the doors,(made a small anim with doors opening) which had the same problem. I removed the IPO’s, and the problem was solved.

-I really really really can’t remember putting IPO’s in the other parts, as they didn’t need to move.

  • I thought the problem didn’t start as soon as I put in the IPO’s, but I can be wrong there.

-You still have to explain me why this happens.


Well, the IPO is telling the object where to be at what frame. Saveing not only saves the objects but the IPO’s and the frame number. When you save it at frame X and the IPO tells the Object to be at XYZ 0.00, then that’s where it’ll be when you open it.

Dragging an Object (editing it’s position in Global Space) will be overwritten by Constraints that are saved at the same time.