>>> Objects don't cast shadows!!

hi all,…

i’m getting around the basic modelling part of blender fine, and i love it n all,… but i’d love it more if it’d cast shadows!!

i have tried all 4 types of lamps, with shadows ‘on’ in each lamp’s palette, and shadows ‘on’ in the render palette. i have tried lamps that are ‘shadow-only’ but with no luck.

i’m using 2.25 publisher on win2000 machine. i cna’t remember if previous versions had the same problem, but i can’t get any object to cast a shadow. they have shadow on themselves, but don’t cast shadows onto other objects… i’m at a loss. if someone could please help me, i’d really appreciate it.



Only spotlights cast shadows. You also need to check that the ‘shadows’ button is depressed in the render buttons screen (the one with the big button marked ‘render’). Also set the clipStart of your spotlight as high as possible without overshooting the object intended to cast the shadow.