Objects falling thru floor.

Im using 2.34 and ive been using the game engine for a long time with 2.25 and previous version and and never had a problem with this, the problem being that if i have a falling object it will bounce just fine but when it comes to having an object come to rest on the floor it will glitch and tranport itself thru the floor. All objects have collision set and materials assigned and the frame rate is 221FPS so I know it not that.
If anyone can help me out with this I would be grateful.

The engine in 2.34 still has issues every once in a while, but falling through the floor is one I haven’t seen since the early versions of the new engine. Could you post your computer’s specs and the blend and maybe we can deduce whether it is a corrupt blend file or an engine issue?

My specs are Intel 3Ghz 1GB of ram and and ati readeon 9800 256MB, the blend is just a simple sphere and a plane used as the floor, the strange thing is that collisions work great until it comes to them staying still.