Object's makeParentVertex function/property

Geez, I’m still not clear what is object’s makeParentVertex(objects, indices, noninverse=0, fast=0) function do? How it is used from a script and what is the effect really… I guess it assigns a parent of some verts of a mesh, not a parent to the whole ,esh object but explanations from Blender API help is insufficient for me to understand if this is so.

Anyone who knows how to use THAT, please, explain here. Or send a link to a proper resource…

Thanks in advance!

Well, basically you guessed right: it creates a parent/child relation between a mesh object and a bunch of other objects. The list of vertex indices can be a single index (causing the children to keep their location constant relative to this vertex) or a list of three indices, in which case the children keep their distance AND their orientation constant with respect to these vertices. This is quite cool because this way you could for example put a cylinder perpendicular to some mesh and make it stay perpendicular even if the mesh deforms in some way.

Umm, well, thanks, varkenvarken! You are right about this perpendicular cylinder :wink:

Frankly, I though it works the other way round, which is also what I need, i.e. to assign 1 or 3 verts to an object or a bone, thus modify the mech only in that section when the parent objec/bone moves or rotates… Is it achievable only by assigning a vertex group to a parent object/bone? Any script or a part of a script for that??? :smiley:

I don’t know if it gives you all the control you need but I think you might use a Hook:

Oh, OK… this looks interesting indeed!!! :slight_smile: I need to experiment with it :wink:

Do you know if it is possible to get set-up or removed by script? Cause I think the perfect situation for me will be a script controlled shapes keys but I know for the shapes keys it is NOT possible to be controlled in any way by a script (I mean from no shape key to controlling how much the shape key is to be applied over the time)… :eek:

Thanks for sharing such nice ideas! :spin:

Well, in principle it should be possible to add a hook by script. A hook is a modifier and if you query the modifier stack of an object with a hook attached it will show up but alas it is not documented and I did not succeed to figure it out so far.

By the way, why are you convinced a shape key is not controlable by a script? Shapekeys have their own IPO attached to an Object and each shapekeys IPOCurve within this IPO object is accessed by its name (i.e. not by some integer constant like LOC_X ). You can add, alter and remove control points for every frame you need in this IPOCurve. Or do you have something different in mind?

Hi varkenvarken!

I agree in regards to IPOs. It is NOT like the action IPOs put - YES - it is possible to make everything you need with shapes IPOs too!

What meant/want is to set-up the form of the shapes keys by a script. It is needed to do it manually even basic changes of form are to get changed in any shape key. I guess it is related with the fact it is done in Edit mode… but in the same time I think it is stupid solution to keep it that way in Blender! I explained this with very simple arguments here in this thread, more specifically in my posting of 22.NOV.2009 here (i.e. the Squarty and Octarina issue :D)… So far there isnt any response saying I think incorrectly on the matter… Which is sad, indeed!!! And that’s why Im looking for alternative ways to deal with changing the shape a little and when necessary by a script. I think, in some cases, this will be extremely useful :slight_smile: