Objects names in 3d view?

How can I show object names attached to each object in the 3d view. That is not the current active name lower left corner but all around the window?

If not built in is there an addon?

  1. Make object active
  2. Go to the object tab, under “Display” check “ Name”


Thanks but how can I see the names of all the non active objects? I thought you could see them appended to the object in 3d space.

Uhm yeah?
If you do what I told you, all objects, no matter if they’re selected, active or neither, have their name floating next to them in the 3d view.

In case you already have a gazillion of objects and don’t want to turn it on individually but in a swoop:

import bpy;

for object in bpy.data.objects:
    object.show_name = True

Oh ok. Sorry thanks for your help.

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