Objects passing trough faces?

yep, exactly, wtf?!

what i have is a scene with a catapult and a cannonball in the dipper (whatever you call it, im no medieval military buff). the ball falls into the ‘dipper’ and rolls around a bit (physics). i click space to play the animation of the dipper rapidly turning forward. it takes the ball with it for a split second, but then it breaks trough the faces of the dipper and escapes…i hope you can follow me thus far… :-?

here’s the file, please dont use it for yourself, its MINE - get it?

Hey I can’t download the file(*.blend)

damn, try http://tomhebel.www3.dotnetplayground.com/catapult.zip

send it to my e-mail: [email protected]

BTW the link dindn’t work!

Woooh… I have the zip now!

I think you need to slow down the animation a bit

i tried doing that, it works, but then the effect isnt the same… i want it to go FAST!

Then you should Add the world buttons and add some gravity.
then it wont go so up or You could make the animation not go
to the end, that it will stop a little earlier

I htink your best bet will be to use an add objcet actuator and add the ball when it gets to the end of the animation.

All you had to do to download is click and drag the link up to the adress bar.


I was just trying the same idea as Pooba suggested , here if it’s any use.


You would probably have to use Python to get it any faster.


thanx for the tips guys, ill try to apply them when i get some time.

i really appreciate it! :smiley:

yep, it worked! kudos! :smiley:

Could not get to the zip file no matter what link I tried.

As i said, click and drag the link up to the address bar.


SHABA1 : the problem has been solved, no need to get the file anymore…right? :-?