Objects weighting more than others?

Hey, its me again, I was wondering if anybody new how to make objects weigh more than others, like two objects fall at the same time, I would like to make it were one hits ground before the other. Also, if I had a car, is there a way to make the front more heavy. If there is no way to do this, then I guess I will have to figure something out. Thanks ahead of time.

To make objects fall faster change the damp slider, the lower the quicker it falls, the height the faster it falls.

The mass property changes how an object compares to another, for instance, if two cubes flew head on into each other and their mass’s where 1 and 500 the cube with a mass of 500 would keep on track whereas the cube with a mass of 1 would be hurled out of the 500 cube’s path. Perhaps this can help with your car problem?

Um, could you explain how to use the mass property, whats it called? INT? or what, I am unsure how to do it.

One of the most basic facts of gravity is that no matter how heavy something is, it will fall at exactly the same speed as anything else unless wind resistance plays a large role. (about 9.8 meters/second) changing the mass changes how hard it will hit when it runs into something- if two objects, one of high mass and one of low mass (think, a car and a trash can) hit each other, the high mass object will be affected very little, while the low mass object will go flying (the car will barely slow down at all when it hits a trash can, but the trash can will get launched away)

You can find these properties in the game logic panel, make sure you choose dynamic or rigid body physics though.

Just mess around with them.

all objects fall at the same rate, it doesn’t make since if something falls faster then another because gravity affects all object the same. The reason why feathers float is because air is holding it up, if we had no air on earth then the feather would fall at the same rate as a bowling ball

As andrew said change the damp that’ll do the trick. :wink:

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Um…andrew-101, what is the name of the property, I have bool, int, float, string, and timer, which should I use?

It’s a standard setting when you make an object dynamic or rigid body.

Make the object Dynamic then change the value for Mass to make it heavier. The Damp and RotDamp will change how the object is slowed down by air friction.