Objects with textures not smoothing in 3D window

(animats) #1

Smooth objects display as smooth in perspective windows in “solid” mode, but show facets when the window is in “shaded” mode. Rendering is fine; this is just a problem with Blender’s own windows.

The objects, mostly UVspheres, have been “set smooth”. That works, and the “solid” view becomes smooth, but the “shaded” view doesn’t. “Auto Smooth” doesn’t seem to have any effect (nor should it, that’s for rendering only).

Some have textures, some don’t. The textures appear in the window, but so do the facets of the object.

System is Win2000, GeForce 3.

A GeForce 3 is more than enough power to display a textured, lit, smooth shaded object. So this should work fine.

Is this a known bug, or what?[/list]

(theeth) #2

shaded and potato view are never smoothed in the 3D window.


(animats) #3

Is that a bug (in which case I’ll log it in as such on the developer site) or is it a feature? Modern graphics cards are up to the job of smoothing such things.

(BgDM) #4

It is not a bug. It has always been that way in Blender. It probably could be updated with todays video card features. Maybe post it on blender.org and see what comes of it.